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Aluminum Low Pressure Die Casting

Aluminum Low Pressure Die Casting 

Low pressure casting: method for casting liquid metals under low pressure (0.02 ~ 0. 5 m) and crystallizing under pressure to form castings.


  1. Pouring pressure and velocity can be adjusted so it can be applied to various casting molds such as metal mold sand mold casting various alloys and castings of various sizes.
  2. Adopt bottom injection filling type liquid filling shape steady without splash phenomenon avoid involving gas and scour of wall and core and improve qualified rate of castings;
  3. Casting under pressure crystallization casting compact outline clear surface smooth surface mechanical properties are higher especially for large thin wall parts casting;
  4. Eliminating the filling riser and increasing metal utilization ratio 90 ~ 98%;
  5. Low labor intensity, good labor conditions, simple equipment, easy to realize mechanization and automation.


traditional products mainly (wheel rims and steering knuckles for automobiles etc.).