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Die Casting

Die casting

Die casting :high pressure metal liquid into a precision metal mold cavity, metal liquid under pressure cooling solidification to form castings.


  1. Die casting metal liquid bears high pressure and fast flow rate.
  2. Good quality, stable size and good interchangeability;
  3. High production efficiency, more use times of die casting die;
  4. Suitable for large quantities production, economic benefit is good.

Disadvantage :

  1. Castings easily produce tiny pores and shrinkage pores.
  2. Low adaptability, should not be under impact load and vibration condition;
  3. High melting point alloy die casting die life is low, affecting die casting production expansion.


die casting parts first applied in automobile industry and instrument industry, gradually expanded into various industries, such as agricultural machinery ,machine tool industry, electronic industry ,defense industry ,computer, medical devices,  and daily hardware industries.